Hi everyone, as many of you know, we are only a small team here and with most of us having children, the summer holidays are a prime time for us to take holidays. We try our best to be open as much as we can all year round, however, we will have 2 short periods of closing this summer due to staff holidays.

Like I said, these are only short periods, so as long as you have a nice big order in the couple of days before the closure, all our meat and foods will have dates that will last, also don’t forget all our meat is freezable so you can order extra just incase and pop it in the freezer!

Please see below the dates we will be closed this summer…

Friday the 29th of July to Tuesday the 2nd of August

Monday the 22nd of August to Friday the 26th of August

To confirm, there will be no deliveries or collections on these dates listed. We will also send out emails & post on our social media closer to these dates to remind everyone!

Thank you
Brokerswood Farm Shop